Voyager Viridian

Current Projects

Voyager Viridian Development, LLC 

Voyager Viridian Development, LLC (Viridian) was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Voyager Entertainment International, Inc. (VEII). The formation of Viridian is designed to incorporate all the latest technologies within the renewable energy industry into the design and construction of the Voyager Observation wheels, as well as, advancing those technologies into separate development projects. 

Viridian is also exploring wind, solar and geothermal projects within Nevada and neighboring states. All three technologies are being considered for a project in Northern Nevada. These renewable energy technologies use and in particular geothermal are currently under financial and project cost analysis. Viridian has commissioned a MAI Appraisal to verify land cost of the targeted project location.  

Upon completion of that appraisal and project analysis a decision will be made on whether to proceed with the project. All future Viridian “green” projects are subject to successful project financing.