Current Projects

Voyager Entertainment International, Inc., designers and builders of giant Observation Wheels welcomes you our new web site. The new Voyager web site will detail our new V3 design, Voyager’s new “green company” initiatives, project information and much more.

The new web site was specifically designed to be more interactive as well as provide new information and log in portals for investor clients.

Included in the new web site is the new V3 wheel design. The V3 offers the Company improved opportunities for strategic branding partners and site locations requiring sophisticated venues. Voyager’s V3 forward-looking design and architecture can be integrated within existing site locations. The V3’s most advanced feature is the “Light Wings”; which provides a large surface area with embedded state-of-the-art LED light displays. Once the wings are fully extended a computerized light show can be displayed depicting live entertainment or commercial grade advertisements. Either format offers valuable branding/naming rights revenue annually. Other new features include a new Observation Deck with over 1,800 sq.ft. of viewing area at 600 ft., new restaurant, nightclub, pool areas located within the rear of the new V3 offering very dramatic views of the wheel turning above.

Voyager has also created a new “green company” called Voyager Viridian that will incorporate reusable energy technology within the new V3 design. Viridian will also be engaged in the development of Solar, Wind and Geothermal projects within Nevada and related states. These new emerging technologies offer potential revenue enhancements as well as improved energy performance of Voyager’s wheel projects. Voyager Viridian information will be integrated within the new site and be activated in the coming weeks.

The Company is also aware of the steep downturn in the global economy, equity markets and the resulting economic outlook for entertainment industry. To successfully navigate these transitional times the Company has maintained a strong relationship with equity and financial markets.

While these economic times present unique and challenging conditions, they also present opportunities. One such opportunity is the current labor and construction cost benefit from the downturn in the construction industry. The Company expects the overall construction budget to significantly decrease during this period, which will result in lower overall financial costs. The company also expects to see more favorable movement regarding location costs due to the downturn in land values in key markets.

Voyager’s commitment to providing a new and unique experience in entertainment by constructing giant observation wheels continues. That commitment has not wavered and is stronger than ever.

Kindest Regards;

Richard L. Hannigan, Sr.