Singapore Flyer Article

Singapore Flyer Article

Giant Ferris Wheels Are the New Final Frontier

February 12, 2008

Earlier this week Singapore opened Singapore Flyer, a new 165-meter-tall observation wheel, expected to draw 2.5 million visitors in its first year of operation.

The Singapore Flyer tops London's Eye by some 30 meters, but while the London wheel may be the most famous, it's actually the Star of Nanchang in China's Jiangxi province that was the highest wheelie ride until this week.

Singapore already has Berlin and Beijing breathing down its neck; both cities are set to release even taller wheels. Orlando, Qingdao and Dubai are all planning massive circular structures in the coming years too.

Looks like the halcyon days of "build a giant wheel and they will come" are a thing of the past. For now, Singapore is ready, offering adults 30 minute rides at $29.50 and throwing in gorgeous vistas of one of the cleanest countries in the world. Your move China.