Company Strategy


Our Mission Statement

Voyager Viridian will converge the most advanced and innovative renewable energy technologies from every alternative energy industry. We are committed to identifying and acquiring the latest innovations in solar, water, wind and hybrid platforms and integrating them into the new renewable global market. With the Voyager V2 assimilating these alternative energies into it’s design, Voyager Viridian will have a world-class icon to showcase these technologies for both our customers and partners.

Our Vision

Voyager Viridian aspires to become one of the main global competitors in the renewable energy industry through the development of strategic partnerships. We will become the pacesetter in a wide range of disciplines involved in renewable technology. These disciplines will improve the quality and enhance the survival of the natural environment.

Viridian Renewable Energy Strategy

Working to discover innovative renewable energy sources. As well as, identifying the “current” renewable energy companies and on going projects that can be cost-effective and applied commercially, i.e.; biofuels, wind, solar, geothermal, ocean energy and seawater, that can be implemented into the global market.

Providing an existing World Class project (Voyager V2) to showcase renewable energy developers and technologies by integrating this alternative into the design and utilize wind, solar, water all the while returning energy to the grid.

Viridian will utilize research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) to develop emerging renewable technologies and resources that have not been commercially or economically viable at this point but that hold great promise for the future.

Voyager Viridian a (wholly-owned) subsidiary of Voyager Entertainment strategy is to provide a centralized development entity that “partners” with future sources of renewable energy and development companies.

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