Current Projects


Our current business plan proposes to design, build multiple giant Observation Wheels integrated within international venues. Voyager is also currently evaluating several site locations in Las Vegas, Nevada. To offer more choice and versatility, Voyager has designed three giant Observation Wheels, the V1, V2, and V3. These designs allow Voyager multiple opportunities for placement within diverse locations. Additionally, each design offers different and unique experiences for the visitors. Taking a ride on a Voyager Observation Wheel will immerse each visitor into a visual experience unlike anything currently offered around the world.

Las Vegas Voyager Project

The Las Vegas Voyager Project will be a visual icon and experience overlooking the "Las Vegas Strip". Voyager will overlook the Las Vegas Strip as it revolves higher than a 60-story building at approximately 600 feet. With 30 vehicles called Orbitors, one rotation in an Orbitor will last approximately 27 minutes. An on-board Navigator, who will be part entertainer and part steward, and who will also be skilled in life-safety and security, will control each Orbitor.

International Voyager Project

Several International Projects are also under way and when a specific location and agreement for construction, financing and partnerships are finalized, the locations will be disclosed.

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