Exec Summary


Voyager Entertainment International, Inc. (OTCBB-VEII) designs and proposes to build giant Observation Wheels located in international venues. The Vertical Rotating Vehicle (VRV) will tower 600 feet high above such locations as Las Vegas as well as other international cites and will contain 30 cabins known as “Orbitors.” Orbitors will each contain seating for twenty-five guests and one team member known as the “Navigator”, with 750 capacity per revolution. The Navigator is a multipurpose employee whose team function will include guest attendant, security guard, and host to the guests during each voyage.

Each Orbitor will contain lounge amenities, and a lavatory that can double as a secure room in case of emergency. The Orbitors have been designed to be easily reconfigured to accommodate a multitude of groups, such as a cocktail party, conference group, wedding party, etc. The state-of-the-art Orbitors will have wireless communication access and surveillance cameras for additional on-board protection. Interior lighting and surround-sound music will be choreographed to the ascending view and intensify the experience. The glass-surround cabin will capture the spectacular views and the lighted interior will make the revolving Orbitors glow in the night sky.
The shape of the Orbitor is aerodynamic and minimizes eccentric loads from wind gusts. The slow rotation speed of 0.2917 meters/second (approximately 27 minutes for a complete rotation) provides ample time to adjust for altitude changes and equalize ear pressure. The Orbitors revolve at more than 600 feet in the air and, at this elevation; a solid and spacious cabin is essential to a protective and comfortable environment. The ride experience is a new and totally different adventure. No other ride venue in the world has the same comfort, style and level of excitement.

The Voyager will offer each guest a roomy, comfortable, exhilarating view. Tickets may be pre-purchased online, through a ticket broker or on the spot at a ticket kiosk located at the base of the VRV. A walkway, moving at 1.0 mph, will allow guests to board the continuous rotating Orbitors. Once inside the Orbitor, guests will feel comfortable in a futuristic-style seat with soft molded lines. There will be several themed Orbitors such as the wedding chapel Orbitor. The spacious Orbitors will be air-conditioned with a lavatory and amenities bar. In summary, guests will receive an experience unlike any other observation ride in the world. The low rise will contain retail and restaurant venues for all vistors.

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